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7 июля 2017 | 10:49

Каспаров возвращается в шахматы

В американском Сент-Луисе состоится турнир по рапиду и блицу с участием 13 чемпиона мира

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5 марта 2017 | 16:33

Владимир Федосеев выиграл Аэрофлот 2017

С 7 очками из 9 возможных россиянин занял единоличное первое место.

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2 марта 2017 | 21:40


Этого никогда не было, но могло и произойти

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26 февряля 2017 | 15:32

Аэрофлот Опен 2017

Известный фестиваль Аэрофлот Опен проходит в эти дни в Москве.

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18 февряля 2017 | 17:12

Гран-При в Шардже

Первый турнир из серии Гран-При в 2017 году проходит в ОАЭ. 

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Chess tutorial for beginners

I am glad you have decided to start studying chess, I am sure it will be not only useful for you but also very exciting. Present tutorial is divided into Lessons. Rhythm of studying process will depend on you. Feel free how fast you can absorb the information.

What will you need to study this tutorial? In principle, there is no need in additional "equipment". But keep in mind, based on statistics people who are browsing Internet to obtain any knowledge, without making additional notes or practical training of material studied usually lose their knowledge very quickly.

In this case term "knowledge" is compared to "information". In this regard, I would advise you to get any chess program or still better any ordinary chessboard with pieces.

I tried to make this tutorial as simple and easy to understand as I could, but if you feel that something missing, or any Lesson is unclear to you, don’t hesitate to mail me your complaints, comments, suggestions etc. I will try to reply fast))

So, finally, let’s get down to this tutorial!

1. Conversance to chess game. Chessboard.
General view in chess, Chessboard rules.

2. Chess pieces. Placement of  pieces on the board.
What are the chess pieces and how to place them

3. How to move pieces? Pawn, knight.
Learning to move knight and pawns

4. How to move pieces? Bishop, rook.
Learning to move bishop and rook.

5. How to move pieces? Queen, king.
Learning to move queen, king

6. Comparative strength of pieces and goal of the game
Understanding  goal of the game and compare the pieces

7. Castling, EN passant,
The most complex rules in chess  

8. Checkmate. Result of the game.
Learning to checkmate. Understanding results of the game  

9. Draw in chess.
Studying kinds of draws.

10. Recording chess game
Learn how to record and replay the game. 

11. Importance of practical training
General recommendations and conclusion. 

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