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5 марта 2017 | 16:33

Владимир Федосеев выиграл Аэрофлот 2017

С 7 очками из 9 возможных россиянин занял единоличное первое место.

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2 марта 2017 | 21:40


Этого никогда не было, но могло и произойти

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26 февряля 2017 | 15:32

Аэрофлот Опен 2017

Известный фестиваль Аэрофлот Опен проходит в эти дни в Москве.

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18 февряля 2017 | 17:12

Гран-При в Шардже

Первый турнир из серии Гран-При в 2017 году проходит в ОАЭ. 

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12 февряля 2017 | 10:51

Карлсен не сыграет в Ханты-Мансийске

Чемпион мира предпочел Grand Chess Tour

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Lesson 2

Lesson 2. Chess pieces. Placement of pieces on the board.

There are 6 types of pieces in the chess game. They are following:

1. King

2. Queen 

3. Rook 

4. Bishop 

5. Knight 

6. Pawn 

There is one king and queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns in each opponent side respectively. It happens that each party has 16 pieces at the beginning of the game. Altogether there are 32 pieces on the board respectively, i.e. exactly 50% of the whole board is initially occupied.

Initial placement looks as follows:

It is quite simple to remember initial placement of pieces – pieces are placed symmetrically. Confusion usually occurs only in location of king and queen (they are often confused in places). It is important to remember only 1 rule: in initial setup queen is placed in the field of its own color.

It means that white queen in initial setup is placed in the white square and black queen in the black one respectively.

It is important to remember that when one piece captures another one, it takes the square of the beaten one. Practice to establish initial setup on the board a couple of times, train to distinguish pieces by name. For the while everything is logically simple, no difficulties should arise:)

Now you should learn to play with these pieces and capture opponent's pieces.  It will be shown in the next lesson.

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