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15 января 2017 | 21:09

Эльянов возглавил гонку в Вейк-ан-Зее

Украинец Павел Эльянов после двух туров показывает стопроцентный результат. 

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13 января 2017 | 20:49

Кажгалеев победил на блиц-турнире в Тольятти.

Казахстанский гроссмейстер по дополнительным показателям обошел Якова Геллера. 

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9 января 2017 | 18:30

Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2017

Гибралтарский фестиваль в очередной раз собирает представительный состав участников

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4 января 2017 | 17:57

Вейк-ан-Зее 2017

Определился состав участников фестиваля Tata Steel Chess 2017

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14 декабря 2016 | 22:05

London Chess Classic 2016

В британской столице проходит последний турнир из серии Grand Chess Tour. 

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Lesson 1

Lesson 1. Conversance with the chess game. Chessboard.

Our first topic is more philosophical in nature than purely practical one. Many famous people: philosophers, artists, scientists tried to give answer to the question "What is chess". For some of them, chess is just a game, pastime, for others it is sport, competition, opportunity to display their character and challenge their intellection. For the third one is an art that allows to create extraordinarily beautiful sketches on the board.

There are fans in chess also capable to spend days and nights at the board, playing the same alternatives, starting playing without any notice that it is already midnight. There are people who do not understand chess, and absolutely do not regret about it. One of my relative said once: "I don't like chess. None normal girl will sit for hours at the table moving any pieces!" I write these words only because she hardly ever read them.)) But let’s get down to our lesson.

So, chess is a desktop intelligent game where two opponents compete imitating military actions and there is virtually inexhaustible number of alternatives.

Chessboard is a place where chess game takes place that is a kind of testing ground for hostilities. Fans of computer strategies would say a “map”

Board looks as follows:

chess board

The following can be said on chessboard:

  1. Altogether there are 64 squares on the board, out of them 32 are white and 32 are black. Writing in quotes, because "white" and "black" squares have absolutely different shades in some boards.
  2. Respectively chessboard has square form of 8 by 8 cells.
  3. One of key geometry rules do not apply to chessboard, in particular, that hypotenuse is always longer then leg. In chess they are equal. Actually there are only 8 squares from the first to the last line, no matter whether they are counted vertically or diagonally.  
  4. Prerequisite of board placement: the first cell left to the player must be black.

Now you came to know what chess is in general and what chessboard is. Next, you will study how chess pieces are placed on the board.

It is displayed in the next lesson.

All lessons:

1. Conversance to chess game. Chessboard.
2. Chess pieces. Placement of  pieces on the board.
3. How to move pieces? Pawn, knight.
4. How to move pieces? Bishop, rook.
5. How to move pieces? Queen, king.
6. Comparative strength of pieces and goal of the game
7. Castling, EN passant,
8. Checkmate. Result of the game.
9. Draw in chess.
10. Recording chess game
11. Importance of practical training



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